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secret love

14 Sep 2007
A week or two ago... my life got changed a lot.I was sad, I was bored, I don't know what was in my head, and I joined a chat-room for adults; I was thinking that a short flirt with some guy won't cause me very much. So, I started chat (actually, he started) with one guy. About sex, obviously. First kisses... then touches, then nice whispers, then caresses... mmm nice ones... Then, as if we were lovers for a hundreed years, we made love online. Once, twice... I never imagined that someone can make me have an orgasm only writing something to me. It was so good, I look forward to talk to him every day, I look forward for him to tell me he kisses me, he caresses me, he holds me, he watches in my eyes... everything he says to me is so sweet... I really miss him... I don't know what happened to me, I usually am a strong woman, but now I falled for this guy. And he is funny too... he makes me laugh, smile, feel good. I dream about him with my eyes wide open.Until he find out where I work. I don't know why I got so scared when he walked into my office... I didn't expect him, I got scared, I started shaking and I started to babble. I thougt then: 'wow, now everybody knows about him, how did he asked about me, what would my coleagues say about that?' I told him to sit down on the other part of the office and asked him if he would like something to drink. He took my hand and said: baby, you dare more, I know you, and he took my head into his hands an kissed me. One eye, then another one, and he told me: you are as beautiful as your pictures let me imagine. Then he kissed my leaps. One soft kiss, one so touching kiss... I looked into his eyes... so deep beautiful black eyes... I smiled to him and I let my head to his chest. He put his arms around me and he kissed my neck barely touching my skin with his leaps until I turned my head and kissed him back. He put his hand under my skirt, on my but, and he pulled me to him. He was so strong in his pants... I wanted him instantly and he felt that. He turned me around, bended me over my desk and unbuttoned his pants. I felt him so hot... I felt him finding his way to my wet, hot entry. Oh, baby, there nice and slow... Slow baby... He put one hand on my brest and with another one he grabbed my hair, turned my head and kissed me while he was penetrating me. I grabbed the border of my desk as he was moving faster and faster... oh, baby, you are so good baby... He kissed me, tongue one, then he bite my leap easy as his body was moveing behind me. It didn't tooke long till the orgasm came so strong as we barely breathed after. I closed my eyes and I let him move my hair over my neck and kiss me softly. Hmmm, baby, that was so good... Would we ever go back to the computer after that? I think no, baby...          

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Firma la care lucrez organizeaza o data pe an team building pentru salariati. Evident ca primul lucru pe care l-am facut cand am aflat ca am fost invitata la team building a fost sa verific daca este si Andrei pe lista desi nu mai vorbeam de vreo doua luni... de fapt de cand a venit el la

hmm... mi-e greu sa scriu pentru ca n-am nici o inspiratie :) prima poveste (o prietenie frumoasa) e adevarata pana in momentul in care de fapt in realitate imi spune el ca vine sa ma invite la un restaurant si apoi sa mergem sa facem sex/dragoste [nu stiu exact de a fost in capul lui :) ] si eu ii


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