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27 Dec 2008
Bijuterii Fantezie aici Use beading wire to construst a simple tassel style pendent. This is a great project to use up leftover beads as the accents. Pair it up with an adjustable leather cord for an earthy pendant perfect for the green girls on your holiday gift list. Supply List: 3 wafer beads (Humblebeads) 36" leather or suede cord 10" beading wire 4 crimp beads 2x1mm 4 silver spacers 6mm Nickel seed beads Bronze bugle beads An assortment of accent beads (use whatever you have on hand) Crimping pliers & wire cutters *nickel seed beads & bronze bugles can be found at Step 1. String 9 seed beads unto the wire and one crimp bead through both wires to form a loop, crimp bead with crimping pliers. Step 2. Through both wires string, an 8mm bead, *a silver spacer and wafer bead, *repeat two times. String a silver spacer, 6mm bead, crimp bead, crimp with pliers. Step 3: To create the tassel on one wire string 3 seed beads, 3 pearls, 1 seed bead. Repeat 4 times, string an 8mm bead and crimp bead. Flatten crimp bead with pliers. On the second wire, string a bugle bead, seed bead, accent bead, seed bead. Repeat until desired length. End with a large accent bead and a crimp bead. Flatten crimp bead with pliers. *Make sure you completely flatten the crimp bead, this is the only thing holding your beads on the tassel! Give it a little tug to make sure your beads are secure. Step 4: String your tassel unto a suede cord and end with adjustable knots. Alternative: Use one focal bead instead of 3, the tassel can be shorter for a simpler look.

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