„ "viata merge inainte...!" ”
by: ucutza

just a quiestion

adaugat pe 20 Sep 2008

   how cold can be when you are so far at can be when i am thincking about you everyday?....and you...are so don`t thinck about are a strange...a strange who i love...  maybe was my fault,but you hurt me,and you known what you i have a chance to change find some answers,but i am asking me...if i wan`t this,if i wan`t to talck with you heard your see you...    i don`t wan`t to cry,no more,to suffer for you or for i let heart must to forget you,my feelings must to die...and you with them...       remember`s better to let you,it`s better for me and maybe for you...i loved you,and maybe still loving you...but to be happy i must to forget you...i must to live my life without gaven me just quiestions,and everyday i waited to say you it`s over...but i don`t know how,where and we break up to late,than when i musted to forgotten you...    i wish that this letter to be the last one i wrotte to you,and to find a man better you...because you are just a strange who gaven me just quiestions to find her answers...and i find them...i listent my heart and she told me that you never loved me,for you was just a joke,for me was something it`s to late to remember...          it was,now is not...                                                                                                        maria

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14 Sep 2008

  E ciudat cum un simplu om te poate schimba...dintr-o fiinta nepasatoare,trista,ingandurata te poate face sa deschizi ochii si sa privesti pentru intaia oara adevarata esenta a vietii,puterii si in acelasi timp a iubirii... Se zice ca totul in viata se intampla cu un anumit

22 Sep 2008


28 Sep 2008


28 Sep 2008

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