blood and chocolate
„ zambeste iar si priveste putin:orice pahar jumatate gol mereu e si jumatate plin ”
by: coryna-caramel


adaugat pe 01 Iun 2009

someday a sunset will be just a sunset island will just be an island.not a miracle i saw with you...someday,not now,not today...someday my tears will dry,my heart will heal and my wounds will stop the life will go on...someday,not now,not today

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02 Iun 2009

Cat am fost cu tine timpul in loc s`a oprit . Am avut nevoie de timp. Sa`mi dau seama ca esti un nenorocit !

02 Iun 2009

i miss you
I miss you in a heartbeat I miss you right away I miss you in a heartbeat 'cause it ain't love, if it don't feel that way

04 Iun 2009

be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

04 Iun 2009

nu exista persoana care sa nu ma dezamageasca,asa ca pune-ti increderea in...NIMENI

14 Iun 2009

prietenii sunt falsi
poti face orice...inghite si afla cateodata ca si prietenii sunt falsi