blood and chocolate
„ zambeste iar si priveste putin:orice pahar jumatate gol mereu e si jumatate plin ”
by: coryna-caramel


adaugat pe 01 Iun 2009

someday a sunset will be just a sunset island will just be an island.not a miracle i saw with you...someday,not now,not today...someday my tears will dry,my heart will heal and my wounds will stop the life will go on...someday,not now,not today

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08 Iun 2009

if i
if i would tell you how much you mean to me,i think you would not understand it,so i'll wait until this day comes when you will understand it.but i can't help myself,i can't stop myself,i'm going crazy,cannot control myself,i'm going crazy and i love you,i want you,i wa

02 Iun 2009

inger pazitor
sunt un inger pazitorin gandul tau usor,eu ma strecorlucruri bune povatuiescsi de rele te pazescsunt un suflet sfanttrimis cu-n scop pe pamant:sa veghez asupra taziua si noaptea...Dumnezeu mi-a daruitacest dar deosebitlanga tine-s pus sa stauganduri bune eu sa-ti dau

04 Iun 2009

if you're asking if i need you,the answer is forever...if you're asking if i'll leave you,the answer is never.if you're asking what i value,the answer is you...if you're asking if i love you,the answer is i do

04 Iun 2009

eu sunt copilul rebel din tine, sunt nebunul care stie ce-i bine, pentru tine, pentru mine, mai ales pentru tine...

17 Iun 2009

nu stiu ce respecti
nu stiu ce respecti tu respect alt nivel nu oameni care in momente grele isi dau refresh la caracter