blood and chocolate
„ zambeste iar si priveste putin:orice pahar jumatate gol mereu e si jumatate plin ”
by: coryna-caramel

if i

adaugat pe 08 Iun 2009

if i would tell you how much you mean to me,i think you would not understand it,so i'll wait until this day comes when you will understand it.but i can't help myself,i can't stop myself,i'm going crazy,cannot control myself,i'm going crazy and i love you,i want you,i wanna talk to you,i wanna be with you.i cannot change it.i cannot turn my back,i've got to face the fact:life without you is crazy,kiss me thrill me,don't say goodbye.hug me,love me....

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04 Iun 2009

if you're asking if i need you,the answer is forever...if you're asking if i'll leave you,the answer is never.if you're asking what i value,the answer is you...if you're asking if i love you,the answer is i do

04 Iun 2009

my thrill
my cruel device, my ice, one look could kill, your thrill

08 Iun 2009

roakru love
poate vei invata sa ma iubesti,asa cum te-am iubit eu mereu

09 Iun 2009

Privesc in departare... Ascult un cantec trist... Ma intreb de ce oare?! Ma intreb de ce nu`i doar un vis?! Nu pot sa ma ascund, nu pot sa mai fug... Nu pot sa ascult... cuvinte ce ma fac sa uit

04 Iun 2009

cafeaua-mai fierbinte decat iadul si mai amara decat morala