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17 Iul 2007
    People think that what matters in life is to be loved despite of how that person looks.Well, my opinion is different. I think what matters truly is just about the beauty. I`ve never seen a moviethat shows us the love between two ugly people. I`ve seen alot of love stories, but none about those which are ugly.If you really think that what matters most in a relationship is the inside of the person, you are wrong. The aspectis the one that takes the calls. I believe though in real love, only i don't think it will happen to me. I search for almostperfection, although i ain`t such a good looking guy. Heh. I tried to find something. It isn`t easy for a man to admit that he`s not  gorgeous, handsome and stuff. I just figured that out. I don`t know how, but i can feel it inside of me. The worst partis finding someone who is pretty, sexy, funny. I mean, you can find such persons along your way to school, to work, even toa party. The difficult part is making them like you. And why is that? Because you aren't good enough. Physical speaking.    I`m, in particulary, a funny guy. Well, all my friends say I am. But this ain't good enough. I`m also kind ofa rebel. But what use? I don't know what it takes to have a beautiful girlfriend, `cause i didn`t have. Ever. This may seemlike bullcrap, but it comes from a guy with experience in the domain. You must be PRETTY. And that`s final.So, everyone who thinks that INSIDE matters the most, please stop thinking like that. There`s no hope for people likeus. And i really mean it. Peace!

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