niste ganduri de mine...mai triste
„ alege`ti singur calea si nu te lasa jucat in picioare... ”
by: bal0nu


adaugat pe 21 Iul 2008

In youre green eyes i fell...In youre sweet voice i dwell...You have blessed me...I wonder...can you see? Tommorow i`ll be goneAnd we will be done,I hope you`ll rememberWhen we were together.  Now i leave youI`m far away...Maybe it will be,Better this way... 

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19 Iul 2008

no name...
I feel the breeze...I think of you,I want you here...I hope you too.Another one on the list...Another scarr for my soul...I`m getting closer...To achieve my goal.Where did it go???My sanity...I cant feel it no more...My insanity.I cant find it,It ran away from me,I will find it...And then

16 Iul 2009

Its tearing me apart...Everything,I just cant seem to partFrom my dream.I feel so battered, bruisedI cant heal...I think i`m gonna lose All my fears.Here alone i thoughtFor a moment...That every second boughtWas a torment.Blinded by your light,Living by your ways,Now i`ll feel delightRunin

13 Mai 2008

De ce?
De ce nu am nici o cand gandesc ma doare?De ce sunt mereu sunt ranit?De ce am ajuns asa...oare este vina ta?De ce cand cad si ma simt tot mai mic?De ce trebuie sa accept...dar nu pot sa ma indrept?De ce sunt nu ajutat?De ce nu ma

02 Sep 2008

imi vine sa renunt....
la sangele care`mi curge prin oasele distruse de muschii obositi si stomacul scarbit de inima franta de prea multe ochii orbiti de creierul supraalimentat cu plamani satui de atata aer fals...

20 Apr 2008

The bell...
Why was i down?Why did i fell?I am wearing a crown...I can hear the bell...Its sound relieves me...While i am asleepI am going deepI know now i can breathe.What is this sound?I feel a bound,There is no doubt...It take`s me out.The bell is gone...Its beauty remains,Now am i done...Walking t